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Talk between Sino-US FDA Commissioners

SFDA Commissioner Shao Mingli and US FDA Commissioner Eschenbach had a talk on strengthening the cooperation between the two countries on food and drug supervision on Oct.13 2007 in Shanghai. 

According to Shao Mingli during the talk, through the recent exchanges, the two parties have deepened understanding and intensified communication, and the prospect of future cooperation will be broader. Both parties reached a consensus on further expanding the exchange and cooperation between the food and drug regulatory departments of the two countries, hoping to conduct in-depth communication in the application of new technologies, guidelines of supervision, future strategic planning and other aspects. Eschenbach mentioned that China is an important strategic partner of the USA, and it is the case with US FDA. Both parties should cooperate further in the fields of pharmaceutical and biological products, and US FDA will provide assistance in technical support and capacity building. The establishment of the strong partnership between the two parties will be of great significance to the two countries and the world as a whole. 

Both parties held that public food and drug safety is the common challenge facing the world, and they will make continuous efforts to expand cooperation fields with a view to promote the further exchange and cooperation between the two countries in the filed of food and drug supervision. 

Before the talk, Eschenbach paid a visit to Shanghai Institute for Food and Drug Control.